Cora Livingston

Elegant English Companion

Australia was my home for many years but I’m essentially a nomad - a citizen of the world somewhat trapped now by the vagaries of Covid.

So here I am now based in sunny Sydney for the foreseeable future.

I’m well set up these days and dabbling in this twilight world still for the thrill - searching for connections with a small number of gentlemen who want their minds to be as stimulated as their bodies. Those who want to leave the company of a woman enriched by the sensory experience of discussion, debate, exchange of knowledge and sensual overload.

I’m a woman of many parts put together in a mature and sensually charged package. I bestow my charms on the few, not the many, preferring quality time spent with an equal, in a meeting of souls that leads to memorable fireworks.

If you like older women still glowing with sex appeal, full of humor and love of life, get in touch!