Claire Rietveld

A Renaissance Beauty

Hello, have you been longing to find a sweet and very sensual young lady who will help you forget all your worries? I am here for you; my name is Claire, and I am an au naturel cultured blonde.

My sophistication is undeniable, combined with a passion for art, history and philosophy, particularly the Renaissance Era, I am truly rather unique.
I am very eloquent, especially when conversing on Victorian Eroticism, but I am also an avid listener.
Let’s get lost in each other passions during our time together, sitting at a quiet bar while flirting over cocktails, or holding hands on our way to the theater.

Our private time will simply be breathtaking, candlelight and music we’ll both enjoy, surrounded by warmth and luxuriousness will set the mood... as for the rest, well, I am rather discreet, so you’ll have to come and find out for yourself.
Visit my personal website to arrange a date.