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In the coming weeks and months, this section on StageDoor will, I hope, grow into an online magazine featuring articles on fashion, music, films and other areas of interest so as to become as diverse in its content as articles in Vogue, Rolling Stone and Playboy all rolled into one. A dear friend of mine once said that life is fleeting, a passage within a chapter; I tend to agree with this, although I would add that the life of a courtesan can be more so. Well, with that in mind, here we are on a platform that finally separates those of us here from the sometimes mediocre content prevalent on so many of the current escort directories. Indeed, this escort catalogue has been designed specifically with you in mind, all of you wonderful ladies who have been selected to grace our pages.

The Centre Stage section of StageDoor will contain a story or article that will, pursuant to your approval, be written to best reflect your personality and your lifestyle, quite apart from giving you pride of place on our homepage. The Leading Ladies section, also on our homepage, will feature some of you in addition to you appearing on our city pages. But enough of that for the time being, let’s get back to our mission statement.

StageDoor represents a unique opportunity for high-end escorts to disseminate their profiles on a platform which only includes those who meet our discerning criteria. Thus, it is as much a club as a catalogue; in time it will include a sign-in forum that will enable you to exchange views and gossip with others on StageDoor. Thanks to Twitter and other social media platforms, it has been possible to disseminate your latest news and your websites at a click of a button. Just imagine how wonderful it will be to find yourselves able to interact on a platform designed especially for you, surrounded by others of a like stature, in the sure knowledge that the content of StageDoor will always be of the highest standard and appeal not only to you but to anyone else who sees your profile here.

Because this is a mission statement rather than one of the many diverse articles that will soon be published on Spotlight, it is addressed to all the wonderful ladies on StageDoor rather than to our esteemed future ‘visitors’. In case you haven't guessed, my name is Jennifer Chesham, and I have designed StageDoor specifically to address the needs and wants of ladies like myself and to create a niche in the market that has not existed before. I’m sure you probably saw me on the homepage; I took the Centre Stage position on this pristine website because, of course, during development there was no one else here to take it, but rest assured I will be happy to vacate it as soon as possible.

A novelist who knew a thing or two about life wrote these words: “In those times gone days of my youth, all the different and indifferent moments ran one into the next, like a story written and told without much respect for grammatical punctuation". It was with a certain relief that I finally began to see the writing on the walls of my life and learnt how to read between the lines. Well, the penny hasn’t quite dropped for me yet, but I’m getting there; and I trust that most of you are way ahead of me. I hope that if you are reading this, you have already joined StageDoor or are about to do so. I so much look forward to getting to know you all.